2151 IP Telephone

A single instrument for dual-network connectivity

The 2151 IP Telephone provides simultaneous voice, video and data connectivity to both secure and nonsecure IP networks while maintaining red/black isolation. It allows operational activities, such as placing a classified voice call on hold, accomplishing needed communications over an unclassified network, and retrieving the classified call from hold and continuing the conversation.


  • Secure/nonsecure network and PC ports
  • TEMPEST-tested for secure/secure, PoE
  • DISA-assured service LAN (ASLAN)
  • Secure/nonsecure USB v2.0 capability to support external video camera
  • Supports both IEEE 802.3af PoE and external DC power source for secure/secure networks when fiber is utilized
  • Headset and speakerphone that can be remotely enabled/disabled at the call manager

Download the 2151 product spec sheet.

Telecore 2151 telephone