Multifunction Digital Adapter

The MDA has been designed to be a functional replacement for the Dual Trunk Adapter (DTA) and Dual Phone Adapter (DPA)1. This design provides a space-efficient and low-cost replacement for the DTA/DPA that is ideal for mobile applications. Additionally, a new data capability will be added that will allow secure data to be transported through the Raytheon SDS or DSS switch by robbing the voice bandwidth. This data capability will utilize the existing security authentication procedures provided by the Raytheon switch to provide an authenticated multi-level secure data capability.

Another new capability provided by the MDA is the addition of a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent. This agent allows the target (MDA) to be configured/queried remotely by a SNMP manager. The SNMP manager can query the MDA to determine near real-time failure and status information that can provide valuable information to technicians who are diagnosing and correcting network problems.


  • Four-telephone UDLT network interfaces
  • Near-realtime failure and status information
  • DTA/DPA replacement (backward compatible)
  • Front-panel keypad and LCD
  • Compatible with SDS and DSS
  • Easy connection to PC or hub
  • SNMP control
  • Two Ethernet interfaces
  • Can be remoted up to two satellite hops
  • Authenticated MLS data capability