MDA Ancillaries/Racks

MDA Ancillary Racks are 19-inch rack-mountable assemblies that provide mechanical housing for up to ten MDA units or KIV-7 devices. (KIV-7 devices require Telecore’s optional power adapter 2AA-00477-00, one per KIV-7.) The MDA Ancillary Racks were designed specifically to provide adequate intake and exhaust air to meet the requirements of the MDA units.

The MDA rack units are designed for installation into any standard 19-inch rack that meet RS-410 design requirements. Units are stackable to support from two up to ten units. Pre-configured MDA Ancillary Racks are available in sizes that accommodate two up to ten MDAs. Smaller units can be expanded in the field with Telecore expansion kit 2AA-00831-00. The chassis is a 19-inch rack mountable unit with associated cables, which accommodates two MDAs. One AC-to-DC power adaptor is provided with each unit and will support up to ten MDAs.


  • Provides optimal cooling for MDAs
  • Stackable to accommodate up to ten MDAs
  • 19" rack mount design
MDA Ancillaries/Racks