Remote Control Head

The RCH is an aircraft rack-mount HMI device that provides a remote control interface for configuring and controlling the FAA version of the MSD. The RCH feature suite includes provisioning, alarm management, call control, and system status information for the MSD system through its 320x240 TFT-VGA display with touchscreen control. A new RCH-PC version is now available, providing for the same feature suite as the RCH.

The MSD will support up to two RCH units, allowing two remote sites simultaneous access to one specific MSD. The control link between the RCH and the MSD is an RS-422-compatible link implementing a PPP protocol data control channel. The MSD and RCH provide optional differential inputs for RS-422 transmit and receive clocks for synchronous operation; otherwise, the RS-422 link operates asynchronously between the MSD and RCH.

The RCH is equipped with a front-panel speaker used to sound alarm tones. The speaker volume and the alarm tone are both adjustable via the front panel touchscreen interface.


  • Aircraft rack mountable
  • Color touchscreen
  • Provides remote control of MSD
  • Front speaker for alarm tones
  • Front-mounted handset and headset connectors